Have you ever labeled someone else? I don’t know many who can say “no”. We all assume things about people. At our job, school, grocery store, mall, even just stepping outside and judging a neighbor.

I know I struggled with this and God has recently shown me this is not a idea He approves of. I know from personal experiences that labeling can hurt and assume things that just are wrong.

Have you been labeled? Perhaps you were labeled because of your grades, your job, a sport you played, the group you hung around, the part of town you’re from, the team you cheer for, the ideas you believe, your family name, etc.

My entire life I have been labeled a “PK”(pastor’s kid) and that will never end, but we have a God who doesn’t label. He knows every mistake, thought, sin, those you have already committed and the ones you have yet to commit. He knows everything that you have done right in your life. BUT He doesn’t judge you and label you after He knows everything thing about you. He looks at you and doesn’t see a nasty label. No, He looks at you and sees His beautiful creation. He sees the person He created you to be and knows how you will change and grow. But He always sees you as you!

My challenge, go out to someone you have labeled, whether at your school, job, town, or church. Get to know them for them. Tear down those labels and change how you think so that you may grow closer not only to that person but to God.

Stay crazy, Hannah