I am working on my patience. I have never been great at being patient, but with God’s help I have found patience in the chaos. Whether my patience runs out on school work, my family, my friends, work, etc. it never turns out a way I would have liked it to. Only if I had stayed cool and level headed, I would have been able to react better in a situation. I have had plenty of times I just needed to wait, but one will always stick out to me.

Adoption. My family like many families that have adopted have waited a long time. It took almost four years before we got our little one. I remember times that would just be so discouraging and many calls that made our hearts sink. The times of people telling us how long it had taken them or how hard it was to work with the government. Calls of more and more paperwork that had to be done or that we were bumped back on the waiting list. But it was worth all of it. Every day for more than two years a little girl has smiled and loved being part of our family. A little girl I have called my sister since before I knew who she was. A little girl who calls me her “big shishter”! The waiting we had to endure was long, but needed. Now I can look back and see that all that waiting was preparing us for her!

I am going through another waiting period right now and because of what God was able to teach me during my past waiting experiences that this one is no different and He has a much bigger plan in store for me! My sister is a reminder to me of how God adopted me into His family. He chose me out of billions of people to carry His Name. He chose me for His own purpose. He chose me for a bigger plan than I or anyone else could every imagine for my life. He has done that for you too! Yes, waiting is a very good thing, but make sure you are waiting on God and not holding yourself back. He can reveal things to you that you may not have ever thought of. Lastly, remember you were adopted to God’s family for His own purpose. Wait for His calling.

Stay crazy, Hannah