Jesus rides down the Mount of Olives surrounded by His disciples and followers. He is riding a young colt that has never been ridden before. The colt is overjoyous in having his first passenger be the Son of Man. As Jeus neared the city of Jerusalem, the people came out to meet Him far beyond the town. People from all over Israel had come to see the proclaimed Messiah. The people of every age and background had come to see the Christ. The people came from the fields, the homes, and the streets to meet Him. Many sang the praises, “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” The people adored their Master. They loved Him and sang His praises at the top of their voices. They could not contain themselves of the joy of the Teacher. They laid down their cloaks and palm branches showing their honor to Jesus! How soon they would forget their praises and turn to disrespect. They would quickly hate Him and turn Him over to the officials to be crucified.

The haters of Jesus stood back in the shadows. They envied His praise and sought to kill Him over their envy. They schemed and planned how they might make their dream a reality. They knew their was no way that they could kill a man, so they crafted words for the officials to hear and condemn Jesus over. They kept this dream in their hearts until the perfect moment to strike at their prey.

Even in the midst of Jesus, was a hater. He faked his smiles and thankfulness only thinking of himself. He racked his mind looking for ways to betray the Teacher. He stood shining fake smiles and mocking praise while in his heart he was loathing the Master.

All the while, Jesus knew what His haters were thinking and planning. He knew their hearts and their envious ways. He prayed for their repentive hearts. Only Jesus, the Father, and the Holy Spirit knew what was going to happen. They knew the future and how Christ would be a sacrifice for humankind. They knew what would need to happen to save the world.

This was Jesus on Palm Sunday. He knew He was like a king before going into battle. This was His farwell parade before going to fight the war that only He could.

Part 1 of a Easter Journey

Stay crazy, Hannah