Like most students, I have finals this time of year. Just to give you a glimpse of what the insanity of finals is, here is how I am doing.

For Spring Break my parents had the wonderful idea of re-sodding our front yard. If you have ever sodded, you know that sodding is Satan’s way of getting back at nature. It is back-breaking, grueling, and wearisome work. I have a new found respect for anyone who lays sodding for a living. God bless those amazing people! Once we had it all laid out, we were left with lots of pallets. We do not own a truck so we had a friend come and pick them up after they sat in our driveway for almost three weeks. (We are so thankful to our friend for clearing them out!) I had my Spanish II final today, I ended up having some friends take me. I was in the shower when my family left and my friends did not tell me what time they were coming so I rushed out of the shower to get ready. By rushing I mean I only shaved my right leg. Originally, I was going to wear shorts since I live in FL and it is getting hot, but I chose jeans as to hide my clean-shaved leg and hairy porcupine leg! I went through my final and the rest of the day just fine. I decided when I got home to shave my left leg. I dry shaved my right leg again because I missed a spot. I had a large cut on the top of my right foot and shaved off the scab.

Life tip: Always put lotion on after you shave it will save you from dry, itchy legs that last for several days.

I put lotion on not thinking and rubbed directly into my cut. It burned for the rest of the day.

Moral of the story: sodding is Satan’s revenge and finals are like boiling bread, it bubbles, bursts, and goes into a thousand pieces.

Thank you to our wonderful friends for helping us!

Stay crazy, Hannah