I have always loved nature. God gave me a love for His world and His creations when I was a tiny babe. Growing up I always loved and enjoyed animals, plants, etc. It doesn’t bother me to get dirty even now as a teen. God revealed to me recently that the Christian life is like that of a butterfly’s. There is two ways this can go.

The first is while we live worldly, sinful lives we are catapillers. We become cocoons when we accept Christ and then metamorphosis  once we are saved into butterflies. As young Christians we have to learn how to stretch our wings, how to fly, how to eat. Everything is completely changed for a butterfly just like the Christian life is.

The second way is we are catapillers during our Christian walk on this earth. We serve and look forward to what the future holds for both ourselves and our Savior. Once we die, we become the cocoon waiting for Jesus to return so we can have our new bodies. After Jesus returns, we metamorphosis into the butterfly as perfect, marvelous creatures. Instead of using our beauty for our own gain and praise, we lay it down at the feet of Jesus. We give back all our beauty that He transformed us to and praise Him for His miraculous ways.

In the end, Christ is the only One who deserves the beauty and praise. Only He is worthy. I long for the day I may give back my everything to praise my Savior!

Stay crazy and be the butterfly, Hannah