I have some aggressive anxiety which leads to a lot of worrying and thinking way to much for my own good. I will question my ideas or beliefs until my brain is too tired to function and I am left with a undeniable answer or a few loose ends that will be forgotten about until the next time. I become very restless in this time. Tonight is one of those perfec examples. I am worrying over a vacation, hoping I will like all the activities we have planned. Deep down I know I can have a good time, but if I let the anxiety take control I could have an awful experience. I picked up my phone and went to the Bible app (I have a plan I hadn’t done yet and felt the Spirit leading me to read it.) When I opened the app, the verse of  the day popped up and was exactly what I needed.

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 4:7

I felt the heavy, overwhelming feeling of peace. It was an extremely comforting feeling, like being wrapped in a soft blanket with a hug from someone who loves you very much. I knew instantly that God was giving me the hug. I felt the anxiety roll off as God’s peace settled over me. I love how He works in our lives like that! His peace is far greater than anything I can dream up or anything the world can offer. It is something I will never understand here on earth and that is ok. He will protect and care for our hearts, He will not let the devil give us anything harder than we can handle. He will be our hedge of protection in our minds. He will never forsake any of His promises to us. He is our everlasting Father. He amazes me more than I can try to comprehend and much more than I can explain. How amazing He is!

Stay crazy and let God’s peace overwhelm you, Hannah