I have taken a break the past few weeks from blogging to have a true summer break from everything. Now I am back!

I was blessed to be able to do so much with my glorious summer. I went to an inspiring camp which I talked about in Doe River Gorge! and in Beloved Child. Then my family and I set out on a 20 day trip from our home in FL traveling the East coast until we got to Niagara Falls then made our way back home. Shortly after that I went to Alabama, where my mother’s family is at, and had a grand ole time with them.

On our 20 day road trip, we went to many national parks, historical sites, and New York. My youngest sister and I did a program called ‘Junior Rangers.’ It is the perfect way for kids to amuse themselves all while discovering new things about the park and world around us.

My favorite adventure was Jamestown, VA. We went to the original spot where the famous John Smith started the colony. We saw one of the first churches in America. We saw the same tools they used to build the first American world. But none of those reasons is why this place is my favorite.

This is the place that the young Pocahontas frequented. She made many visits to the just beginning colony. I am sure the men where happy to see the playful girl through all their hard work. It is because of Pocahontas that the men did not die shortly after they arrived. Had it not been her curiosity to see and meet them, they would not have made any treaties with the chief and tribe. Without the chief and tribe, they would not have known what to plant and how to do it. The men would have died within their first winter if God had not put the natives there to help them intervene. Later on, Pocahontas became a believer then married a Christian.

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria and to the ends of the earth.” Acts 1:8

When I was a child, Pocahontas was the princess I dreamed of being besties with. Her curiousity, trust, willingness to help, position, and faith, helped fuel my desire to go to natives to share Christ. Natives are the people that God has laid on my heart to be a missionary to. They are God’s people and my calling. He planted that seed in me as a child, long before I was even a believer. He knew that some day I would have that love manifest into something much bigger than I could ever dream.

Stay crazy, Hannah