The world throws a lot of ideas at us and most of time they counteract something else they have said. With all this jumble of a mess, it is hard to have or even find clarity. Recently, I have been struggling with this myself. Clarity for what to do with my summer, how much money should I save or spend, can I fit a job into my schedule, is this friendship one I should pursue or not, when to get my license, even what book to read. My anxiety began to creep back and try to control my life during this time. All my little ticks that I should have noticed started to return. I found myself every day so fixated on my anxiety and what to do with my present that I forgot that God is in control of my everything. I was studying my Bible and I just felt God telling me to go to Haggai. I asked God why because I finished Haggai a month ago and He kept persisting. Finally I gave in and turn to Haggai and saw what God was trying to tell me (probably screaming at this point, but isn’t He so good as to not grow angry in our doubt),

“Then Haggai, the messenger of the Lord, spoke to the people with the Lord’s message, ‘I am with you, declares the Lord.’” -Haggai 1:13

In that moment I realized that God was reminding me that He is always with me and He is always in control. I need not to worry about a thing because He has the best in store for me. I know that my past, present, and future are in His hands. He will give me clarity when He needs to, but I just need to trust and have faith that He is working all things out for good.

Maybe your struggling with clarity over something. Let me assure you that God is in control of every situation and He is with you through it all. Like one of my favorite hymns, ‘Trust and Obey.‘ He has a way.

Stay crazy and remember that the Lord is with you, Hannah