As some of you know, I took the SAT yesterday morning. I studied and practiced for months before taking the real deal. I worried for days and lost sleep over it. I even had an anxiety attack from it. I tried whatever I could to ease my worry, just to give myself a break from the anxiety over the looming test. While I was blinded by my human stupidity, I forgot to go to God’s word and let Him be my peace. I let Satan get into my head and question how I was ever going to be good enough for what God has planned for me. Yes, I let him question that and I still didn’t go to the truth in the Bible.

By Saturday morning, I was a ball of nerves that just wanted to get the morning over with. It wasn’t until I was sitting in the desk waiting to start the test when I prayed,

“God, I need You. Please give me Your wisdom and comfort.”

Instead of yelling at me, “What took you so long!” God replied,

I am here. Trust in my promise, ‘Do not be afraid or terrified, for it is the Lord your God who goes with you. I will never leave you or forsake you.’

He reminded me that this was a test of the world, but that I should not worry because I am only in the world not of it. He has great plans for me that the world can not and does not control. He is the maker of time and no one can change it without him first allowing it. I praised God in the moments leading up to the test. I went with peace and confidence into the test because even if I fail, (though I hope I don’t) God controls my future. God controls all time and no one’s future is planned without Him. That is a welcome relief that we definately don’t need to worry about.

Stay crazy and remember that God’s got it, Hannah