Do you ever feel like a mediocre person? You are just a normal person in a talented world. You are not musically gifted. You cannot call any of your work a masterpiece. You would probably break a bone trying to play a sport. Maybe you think your life does not make an impact that will last.

Let me tell you this: what the world sees as mediocre, God sees as potential. God created you. (Psalm 139:14) Yes, you! From your cow-lick to your misshapen toe, He created you. He planned everything perfectly, even that annoying cow-lick. He made you to be passionate for Him. It does not matter how the world sees you. God sees you as His beloved.

“My beloved is mine, and I am His; He grazes among the lilies” ~ Song of Solomon 2:16

May I always be a mediocre person to the world, but the crazy passionate beloved of Christ.

Stay crazy, Hannah