Okay, I have more to add on my last post on Psalm 46. Why you may ask? I have already touched on it. But let me assure you, there is a Well that never runs dry; a Light that never dims; and a Anchor that never moves.

Go read Psalm 46 or my last post.

How true these verses have proven true not just in light of Covid-19, but in the world’s events of late. Verse 1: It starts off by reminding us that the Lord is our Refuge and Strength, a very present Help in times of trouble. Isn’t that absolutely wonderful? We have the Lord with us always providing His gentle hands as a peaceful refuge. He gives us every ounce of strength to face the gigantic wave looming above. He helps us when we fear the pit.

Verses 2-3: David goes on to say, “we will not fear.” Maybe he remembers the Lord reminding His people not to fear found in the wilderness years (Deut. 31:6; Joshua 1:9). David is like the kid when he is climbing the rock wall at the park. He is not afraid because He knows his Father is right below him to catch Him. Nothing will make God take His eyes off His beloved children. So, David is stating he is stepping out in faith even when the world collapses. Even if the waters threaten to swallow us whole, we can be strong, courageous, and far from fear because our Father is our Refuge, Strength, and ever-present Help.

Verses 4-5: David reminds us to remember God’s promise of the future. He reminds this world is not our home, rather Heaven is our forever home. There is a sweet river leading believers to the Lord’s dwelling place. God is not moving like the Israelites traveling in the wilderness. God will dwell with His people and He will constantly be with her.

Verse 6: David returns to the earth and prophesies of the future destruction. David also reveals the Lord will still be in control in the days of destruction.

Verse 7: David is filled with joy when he writes “the Lord of hosts is with us.” David is humbled because the God who made all Heaven, earth, angels, and humans is right beside us, strengthening our arms for the days ahead. “The God of Jacob is our fortress,” we have no need to cower or hide but the Lord will protect and provide for our needs.

Verses 8-10: The Lord was, is, and will be in control of every thing to happen to the earth. Not a grain of sand moves without His knowledge. So, of course He knows and acts on every thought and war in our hearts and world. God reminds us that He is with us still. He commands us to be still and remember who He is. No thought, action, or wish will stop Him from being exalted by every name, every tribe, every tongue, and every person.

Verse 11: David finishes the psalm, “The Lord of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.”

Stay crazy and keep remembering God’s promises,